Founder, owner and CEO Alec McGalliard has helped develop leaders and create positive cultures at businesses across the United States. These testimonials illustrate the kind of change McGalliard Consulting can help bring about at your company.

“Alec McGalliard presented to the Joint Polar Satellite System Business Management team on June 10th, 2019. The team consists of both National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) financial managers. The two federal organizations operating under two separate federal agencies have struggled to build a combined workforce with a single purpose and a single set of rules and policies. The CARE Leadership tools helped improve the relationship and culture as well as improving the working environment and team collaboration. The team has become motivated to accomplish all actions as a single program and to support leadership from either NOAA or NASA regardless of each employees current employment. The CARE leadership tools are common tools, but it was of great benefit for the team to obtain the full understanding and expectations of CARE leadership.” — John K Longenecker, JPSS Program Business Manager

“Alec is a thought-provoking and humble leader in the nuclear industry, and a passionate advocate of the "servant-leadership" philosophy - an attribute which is in critically short supply in many companies. Alec developed and lead a well-received session at the recent ANS UWC in Amelia Island, Florida, on using the CARE principals to help navigate through the challenges of the on-going intergenerational transition of knowledge and leadership. I hope Alec will return to carry on at the 2020 UWC.” — Sean Clarke, P.E., Business Development at AMMI Risk Solutions

“Alec McGalliard, a gifted assessor of any corporation’s safety culture, has helped many organizations identify the many challenges that lurk in any industry that can derail a company's success.  Alec shares in a few simple easy to apply lessons what he has learned over his 33 years in the nuclear industry.  He offers easy to apply lessons that will help any individual improve their leadership abilities.” — Tim Donovan, Director, Fleet Improvements and Support, Utilities Service Alliance

“Alec is a trusted resource for on-site reviews and industry assessments. His feedback is candid and customer focused. He approaches his projects with integrity and alignment to the big picture. He is a strong collaborator in every interaction.” — Tim Borgen, Corporate Functional Area Manager – Operations at Xcel Energy

“Alec has helped Susquehanna improve our performance in reactivity management as our performance went from Red to Green. Alec also helped our station in preparing our IER 17-5 response with a critical self-assessment in which our response was strengthened from the benefit of the USA team led by Alec. Alec also provided mentoring for my newly assigned AOM Shift while they collaborated on the Monticello IER review visit. Alec has always been very helpful, responsive and supportive of Susquehanna as we have transitioned from a Special Focus plant to a Monitor Status plant.” — Doug LaMarca, Operations Manager at Talen Energy

“Alec came to my station during an outage where my operations team was struggling with human performance and execution. Alec provided meaningful feedback on leadership and individual performance that supported gap closure in a timely manner. He also supported the station by observing Outage Control Center execution and provided insights to improve work group and cross-functional effectiveness.” – Jason Willis, Operations Manager at Cooper Nuclear Station