LEadership Development

Our leadership development and consulting services are based on Alec McGalliard’s book CARE to Lead: How to Master and Implement Four Keys To Leadership: Communications, Accountability, Relationships and Example of Excellence. We offer the following services:


On-site assessment/consulting services

We work with our clients to develop a schedule that best suits their needs. We provide an easy to read, written report and a debrief of company leaders as requested. We offer follow-up visits to status progress.

On-site Leadership development training

Most classes are half-day sessions that can accommodate up to twelve people per class. Our training is interactive and includes application of the CARE To Lead Tools to real-world experiences. 


McGalliard Consulting has extensive experience in leading teams of up to fifteen people to identify cultural issues (leadership, communications, trust, etc.) that are preventing companies from reaching their full potential. On-site services include interviewing employees, observing meetings and daily activities and document reviews to root out underlying issues and offer common sense solutions.

Operations / Production / Core Business Activities

Error-free performance is essential in many industries to ensure safe, efficient,  production and operations. McGalliard Consulting provides on-site consulting and assessments based on a given standard to ensure tasks are performed error-free and in accordance with company expectations and industry norms. In addition, we can help develop action plans to improve performance and provide follow-up visits to measure success.    


McGalliard Consulting can work with clients in a variety of other areas to help identify and resolve gaps to excellence.